Traveling: The Ultimate Self-Investmentv

For many people, especially the younger generation, the humdrum, week-after-week routine can feel comforting yet suffocating. Typically, individuals feel as though they’re missing out on everything the big wide world has to offer them. And they’re right. But by traveling, Kimberly Anderberg says that people can explore what it means to feel alive.

Travel is the ultimate self-investment, providing people with new experiences, new tastes, new languages, new cultures, new friends, and so much more. Yes, it’s a lot of “new.” And with a lot of new comes a lot of learning.

Unfamiliar Places and People Prove Imperative for Younger Generations

Anecdotal evidence shows that those who surround themselves with unfamiliar places, scenarios, and people offer essential life skills, especially for college students.

While many educational establishments throughout the United States have diverse populations, traveling in an extra-curricular capacity opens doors to numerous different characters.

Traveling in groups or staying in hotels in the US or hostels in the UK are two of the best ways for individuals to indulge in distinct cultures, spark brand-new conversations, develop communication skills, and learn about backgrounds dissimilar from their own.

Those who have traveled while they’re young often find getting to know people in the workplace and other establishments easier, proving that traveling impacts entire lives, not just moments.

The Gap Year Hype Is Real

While some people seek to “find themselves” in various capacities, traveling alone can do exactly that. It offers time individuals wouldn’t normally otherwise have to focus on their present emotions, be in the moment, and learn new things about themselves.

But traveling with others is just as beneficial, giving groups of people ample opportunities to build deeper connections with their friends, family, or strangers.

Stepping outside of someone’s comfort zone reveals people’s true colors. It’s the perfect chance for others to decide whether they’re genuinely invested in those around them. And if not, discover how they can find better relationship connections.

Kimberly Anderberg

Figuring Out the Future While Exploring

Aside from all interesting new sights, those who invest in themselves through travel tend to figure out their future, paving the way for their in-college choices back home.

There are numerous stories where people have found jobs abroad while traveling and never looked back. In addition, individuals are often surprised by the opportunities they stumbled across during their travels to foreign places.

And if no such chances arise, travelers will often ponder the thought of living in their chosen destination full-time. The thought alone can be enough to spark brand-new ideas and prospects of futures otherwise left unthought about.

But What About Money

Realistically, traveling isn’t something everyone can do. As much as people may not want it to, money comes into play, and traveling can be expensive.

However, traveling doesn’t have to mean a four-week stint in Europe or heading off to a luxurious resort on the other side of the planet. Even heading ten miles down the road to a new place counts as traveling.

In the US – cross state lines and see what neighboring cities have to offer.

It doesn’t matter where you go; it matters that it breaks the monotony of life and offers the benefits discussed above. It’s deemed an “investment in oneself” for a reason.

Kimberly Anderberg
Kimberly Anderberg